Wenzel’s Wayside August 2019 Update


Wenzel’s Wayside August 2019 Update

How was your summer??? Leave a comment below, James and I would love to know how your summer was!

We were busy these last few months…

As most of you know we camp once a month. We both work full time, and we have our non-profit, and I sing most weekends, we take one weekend off a month and get away from it all and relax and reconnect either by ourselves or with friends.

In August we headed up in our 5th wheel to Sandbourn County Park, in Saratoga, CA with our dear friends Matt and Annie (you have met them in our videos) (little fun fact, Matt plays drums and we do a lot of music together in bands) and went to Mountain Winery to see David Sandborn and Marcus Miller. That was amazing! What a great venue!

Mountain Winery / Paul Mason

In September, for Labor Day, James and I headed up with our family to Sonoma County, to Casini Ranch Campground, right on the Russian River, that was such a fun place, and we will for sure be back again, but just not on a holiday weekend. Unless you REALLY like kids and have some and want to be surrounded by hundreds of kids…and love kids, and just have to be around a lot of kids…did I mention the kids…

James showing you the Russian River…Tada!

Also in September, we headed down to Carpinteria State Beach and we got to go to the Santa Barbara Bowl for the first ever to see Josh Groban, that was a great concert!

Carpinteria State Beach
Getting ready to see Josh Groban in Concert

This last weekend of September, we did a last min. trip up to the mountains, to Bass Lake, CA one of our favorite places to go! Fall was in the air…it was a nice time, to relax on our SUP boards, fish, and ride our bikes around the lake.

Then last but not least, we spent time in our back yard a lot, in the beautiful warm evenings, with the crickets chirping, and the birds singing, hanging with our pups, Sammy and Sophie, with friends, drinking good wine, eating great food and watching awesome shows.

Maybe “that” show wasn’t the greatest..
Sophie patiently waiting for me to throw the ball…& Sammy photo bombing the video

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