Uganda and the Beanstalk

Hello!!  Can you believe we are half way through summer?!!

Back in May, we sent over money (that came from all of you!!!) to help feed the families that didn’t have the money to hire Boda Boda Drivers.  In Mbale, Ugnada, the Boda Boda drivers (the moped taxi drivers) were the only ones that we allowed to enter into the stores to buy food.  So we set out on a mission to hire local Boda Boda drivers to deliver bags of Maize flour and bags of beans.
You probably saw the video of us distributing those bags and planting the beans on the school property. If you missed out, you can check it out HERE

Well, here are pictures of that garden now (of corn and beans)! See how they’ve grown! Not quite as tall as in Jack and the Beanstalk, but it will provide treasures of nourishment beyond anything that was ever in that fairy tale. 
See picture below.

We are still in great need financially as we sent over our last bit of money in June to keep paying for the teachers salaries, the headmaster and the watchmen that guard the school. We didn’t get a chance to have our fundraiser in May, so I am honestly, struggling a bit on what to do during this Covid pandemic, to come up with creative ideas. 

We still want to continue to provide food through the Boda Boda drivers, which we have been able to, up until this point. 

It’s always a tough thing for me to mention money, especially now, when everyone, even in our own communities, are suffering, loosing their jobs, being shut in and lonely.
But I guess, I just need to ask and believe in the continuous generosity of all of you that have linked arms with Enrich Lives, and believe in what we are trying to accomplish in a country that has so much less than we do.
Will you consider giving to Enrich Lives?

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