The Wenzel, A New Sandwich to Us


The Wenzel, A New Sandwich to Us

The Wenzel Sandwich, a new Sandwich to us!

We just found a new sandwich that has our last name attached to it!

So we just launched our website!  Very exciting!!  I was just curious as to what would happen if I did a google search for Wenzel and to my surprise there is a sandwich at Yale University that is named after our last name!!   It is not a new sandwhich, but I couldn’t help it and  I was laughing, because the title of the blog was: The Wenzel, and the Meaning of Life.

That stuck me of course to click on it, “The Meaning of Life” I mean, who wants to know about the meaning of life, right?  Gosh, I even wrote a whole song about what the meaning of life is.  But to us, this was a new sandwich and it had our last name, what could be better?

But a sandwich with our last name?  Ok, so here is the sandwich…a grinder sandwich of chicken cutlet, lettuce, tomato, cheese, mayo, and hot sauce and it needs to be toasted to perfection.  Supposedly you can try it on garlic bread with some ranch on the side.  And if you are vegetarian, then use fish and its called a fish Wenzel.

As I kept reading, there is even a One Button Wenzel app where students at Yale can place an order for pick-up or delivery with a single click of their smartphones.

Who knew!!  I think I am going to have to introduce this new sandwich (that is not new) into our house hold.

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