Solar is Installed on Teachers Home!!

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter! 
Wow, these times are so strange that we live in.  But we have some great news!
Our solar was installed on the Teachers Home in Uganda.
All because of your generous giving, we finally finished the project right before Uganda went into lock down, like the rest of the world.

As most of you know, I, Kellie, was supposed to go out there in the beginning of March, and Enrich Lives board didn’t think it was a good idea.  Well, they were right.  I was going to join Charlotte, with Solar Light for Africa, and she told me, if I had arrived when I was supposed to I would have been quarantined for 14 days, so it was good I didn’t go. But the local contractors were still able to head up to Mbale and install the solar.

James and I, are doing well.  We are both still working during this time, as we work for construction companies.  We miss going on our monthly adventures in our camper, and I feel guilty for even saying that, as I know so many other people are really struggling during this time.  So our prayers and thought are going out to all of you!

Everyone stay safe during this time.

We still need Help!

We still need help.  And I feel bad asking, as I know, so many of us around the world, have lost our jobs and also need help, so why would I ask during this time??
No one is working in Mbale, they are all shelter in place, the schools are closed like in many states here. They only allow the “boda boda’s” (the taxi drivers, on bikes) to go to the markets. The teachers are paid through this term, (because of your generosity) but we don’t have enough to pay for them during the rest of the spring and into the summer.
If we are able to have 40 people commit to contribute $35 a month, then we could pay the teachers, the principle, the headmaster, the guards, and children that are in desperate need of food, during this hardship.  It would put food on their table and they in turn could reach out to children that really need help in the community and help them buy groceries.  To be honest, we only have 2 people at this time giving on a regular basis.
Would you be willing to give $35 a month?
If so, go to our Donation tab.

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