Solar for Uganda Update

Update on what’s happening with the Solar Project

The video pretty much says it all!

But just a recap. Many of you have contributed to the solar project and James and I can’t thank you enough for all your support! And I am so sorry that this has taken so long, they do things a lot slower in countries like Uganda. And a lot of you know me, and I like to get things done! So this was a lesson in patience, for… sure…!

For those of you that read my newsletters I put out, we did in-fact, as of last week, receive our last bid in from our contact in Mbale, Uganda, but they came in really high, almost $13,000. All of the bids came in high. So in all honesty, I was a bit depressed as it was so much more than what we raised.

But then…drum roll…last week, I was put in contact with another non-profit, called Solar Light for Africa and they want to partner with us to help us put the solar in! They will, in fact, be donating the solar for the teachers housing, AND they will be putting the solar in for the School, which we are responsible for funding. And their bid came in much less than what we were quoted. Which is an answer to prayer!

There is still some lack of funding for this project, we are trying to purchase laptops, fully fund the solar for the school, and repair the roof for the teachers home, all before March 2020.

I will be for sure, heading there and joining the director from Solar Light for Africa to install the solar with them in March 2020! I am really looking forward to getting a great video and showing it to you all. I will keep you updated on the project in the meantime! There is still time to donate before I head out in March! There is a big donate button on our website…

Keep your eyes out! We are headed for a two week trip end of December to Arizona and hopefully will get some great video of cool places to visit!

Cheers! James and Kellie aka “Wenzel’s Wayside”

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