Our RV Adventure to Mammoth, CA and Silver Lake


Our RV Adventure to Mammoth, CA and Silver Lake

We headed up to Mammoth, CA, our first time ever!  We had such a blast!  We will for sure do it again in the Spring and do some Spring skiing.

Our first stop was in Red Rock Canyon State Park.  This was a great pit stop for us, as Mammoth is a very long drive.  That was a great place to spend the night!  I don’t think we would like it in the summer, seems like it would get blazing hot, but it was beautiful.

We then made our way up to Mammoth and stayed the night at Mammoth RV Resort.  Which is where we will stay again during the snowing months, as it’s super easy access from the main road.

We headed over to the Devi’s Post Pile, that was really interesting and there is a part of the video that explains a bit about it.

The rest of the time we spent exploring all the cool lakes around us, Convict Lake, June Lake, Gem Lake, Silver Lake.  Overall it was such a great time!

Can’t wait to head back up there.

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