Our Latest Adventure to Wishon Lake, CA


Our Latest Adventure to Wishon Lake, CA


James and I headed up to one of our favorite RV campgrounds to camp, it’s a little hidden gem up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It offers full hook-ups with double wide spots, amongst the beautiful California Pines. Its near Wishon Lake, a PG&E man-made lake that provides power to the central valley.

We had a nice weekend, of fishing, (well James did all the fishing) and a great hike at another lake that is just above Wishon, called Courtright Lake. We went up with our friends and I spent a lot of time on my new E-Bike!!

I will be putting a video of that great purchase that I made back in June. The E-Bike has changed my world!!! So stay Tuned!

My New song, High and Lifted Up is coming on Aug. 9th. Go check it HERE! It helps to leave comments and likes! And share it with your friends!!

Thank you for watching! You all make this fun to do and we are so glad you have joined our tribe! Ok our community, James hates it when I call it a tribe, but it just sounds so cool! Cheers everyone!

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