A Letter From Headmaster at Divine Care School in Mbale, Uganda


A Letter From Headmaster at Divine Care School in Mbale, Uganda

Hello all of you supporting our Headmaster at Divine Care School in Mbale, Uganda!

I wanted to give you an update on the project that you have so graciously been involved with.
This was a letter to James and me from Sam.

Dear Bro.
The project is done! Only that l have been chasing for the videograogher, who has not been around, so that he can come and do the last coverage of the tank Phase.
We were unable to place in a sink in the Kitchen and we also failed to raise à wall and roof behind where we had put latrines for safety.
So the money which remained with shall be paid to the video man.
But the work is lovely and Good.
Pray for me, we have Church land problems.
The heir to the man who gave us land 21 years ago is claiming it back.
As a Church we have been harassed, some leaders beaten, even when we wanted to have dialogue with him and their family he remained stubborn and locked up all our Church equipment and everything else.
Personally I am affected, stressed because such things interfere with my healing process.
I am planning to hand over to the Church leadership to go on.
So that l rest, for two weeks l have been on bed rest.

At home everybody is well,though we still struggle how to make ends meet. Debby is trying to run up and down to look after our maize garden and at the same time oversee the progress of Divine Care Primary school to make sure things are moving on well even when am down, l Bless God for her.
As soon as this video man comesthis week, then we are most likely sending results any time.
God Bless.

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