Finished Enrich Project! – Installing Sewer and Water


Finished Enrich Project! – Installing Sewer and Water

We are so excited to announce that we have officially finished our enrich project: Installing Water and Sewer at the home of a local family.

Below is our before and after video of a project James and I took on with a GoFundMe Campaign.  Check it out!

James and I began this project back in early 2018.  Our dear Ugandan friends who run a private school of 140 children, (Divine Care Primary School) and live in the slums of Mbale, Uganda, were in desperate need of running water inside their home, along with a sink, toilet and shower.  The husband, Sam who is the Director of the School, has a serious back problem and underwent surgery last year and it paralyzed him from the waste down, since then he is able to walk, but he still has a lot of issues.  So this project was to help enrich his life so it was easier for him.  Right now, most people use Pit Toilets, just a whole in the ground.  This can be very unsanitary as they have nothing to wash their hands afterwards with and might spread diseases and germs.

This is what a Pit Toilet looks like

So through the help of GoFundMe, were were able to raise enough money to install, water, sewer, a toilet, a shower, sink, a water tank to hold the water (from the street) and a water heater into their home.  You can see the other blogs with pictures of the progress of the project.

We hired a local Ugandan to put this before and after video together.  It’s Sam thanking all of you that helped with this project.

And we thank you for helping with this project!!!  We couldn’t have done it without the support of SO many people!!!


James and Kellie

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