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Enrich a Teacher

Our Mission is to Enrich teachers in extremely low-income schools to improve their quality of life and motivate them to innovate success in other’s lives. Our current school that we have started with is Divine Care Primary School in the Namabasa District of Mbale, Uganda. Meet the teachers below…

Bwayo Alex

Bwayo Alex 52 years old married and I have 13 children. Having been teaching for eight years in divine care primary school though have been a teacher for 16years. I love to work with students aging from 11 years onwards in primary level, and my teaching passion is to impact knowledge to the learners. I specialize in Religious education, social studies and English as my teaching areas and my uniqueness is that I love being committed to my work and give opportunity to students to know how to read and write. My interest outside teaching is traveling and listening to music. I love dancing as fun.

Makwasi Hassan

Am Male teacher also married and with five children. I stay nearby village 2km far from school. Am a new employee, and I have been working now for five months. I love working with students’ age 8years above. Am a grade two primary teacher and I love it here in divine care school, the bonding with the children it’s so beautiful. I love teaching because I have the passion to see my students progressing and doing well. I desire to see them excelling in their own areas of interest. In my spare time I enjoy watching soccer and being in a calm and quiet place.

Mukhaye Flora

I am an infant teacher at phase three here in divine care school. Am not married but I have a four year old daughter. Am also a trained teacher for pre-school. This is my second year to work with children here in divine care school and I have always loved every single moment with them. I enjoy my daily interactions with the children and being able to have fun and loving influence on their development. My favorite activities with the children are reading stories, making dolls and balls locally, singing and dancing. At my spare time I love listening to music.

Namono Beth

Hello, am Beth Namono 24 years. This is my first year in teaching and I teach pre-school kids the very young ones. Teaching is a passion and out of passion flows ideas and creativity. As a person, my passion as a teacher is to impact and influence the lives of the students that I encounter and students who come across my path more so the ones here in divine care school I look forward to many more years of teaching the brilliant students at divine care school.

Namutosi Annet

Am Annet, 22 years old, female and single. I have been teaching for one year now. I specialize in English as a subject but I can teach other subjects too. I also like working with all the young children aging from 5years. My passion or desire as a teacher is to see my students understand what am teaching and give them opportunities for interaction and student output. My interest outside school is watching soccer and praying.

Namutosi Topista

Hello! My name is Topista, am 29 years old and single. Am also a mature Christian and qualified nursery teacher. In my spare time, I enjoy reading and listening to music. Am very interested in children’s brain development and many ways that they learn. Being able to be part of that process and education is one of my favorite aspects of early childhood education. Having the opportunity to watch the children learn and grow is one of the best parts of my job. Am happy to be continuing part of the divine care school family.

Nawali Daniel

I am a teacher working in divine for now one year. Am single but with two children. Teaching is not all about feeding students with knowledge, but it is about educating those values, qualities and characteristics that will carry them through life and that is my passion as a teacher. My interest outside school is watching soccer.

Okwii Patrick

Am Patrick, 24 years old, married to one woman and with one child. I have been teaching for one year and here in divine care primary school. Since I joined divine care this year I can say it’s the best decision have ever made and I love being part of the teaching staff that provides such creative, engaging and immersive learning experience in our school. Here at divine am a game and sports head, and I also love teaching science as my favorite subject. My passion is to see my students able to understand what have taught and help them to discover their individual strength and weaknesses that they need to work on to improve. Finally, my interest outside school is athletics, football and listening to music.