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Our Partners

Kacy Rose Thorn Accounting
We trust our partner Kacy Rose Thorn deeply. We couldn’t have done all filing without her! She has been such a blessing to us by helping become a non-profit. She provides professional, experienced aid in filing 501c(3) taxes and all our accounting needs. Many thanks to her for saving us time, headaches and confusion, and for making sure that we are always accountable!





Quarry Design Group
Our website and logo designs could not have happened without the partnership of this creative group of people at Quarry Design. Through the countless hours and emails spent going back and forth with Brendan Binger / Founder, I would be lost! Brendan and his wife Sam are inspiring as they travel the US in their RV. You can follow their journey at https://www.lifeamongpines.com/



Templeton Presbyterian
One way James and I enrich lives is by partnering with this church! I lead the worship there on Sunday along with a great band! But this church has partnered with us by supporting Enrich Lives financially and spiritually and we really could not be where we are without the people of TPC! So thank you from the bottom-of-our hearts, by your love you have shown to us!