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Donate to Ukraine

Enrich lives is all about helping people in Hardships and Poverty.

Here at Enrich Lives, we are going to raise funds to help a family in need,

We are going to raise funds to help rebuild a family business by helping them purchase equipment that they lost in the war.  Will you help by joining me in this hardship?

Here is the story: About a month ago, I bought a really neat knife block on Etsy, and it came all the way from Kyiv, Ukraine.  When the war broke out, for some reason that person I bought the block from was on my heart and I started praying for them.  So I reached out to him, his name is Leonid, on Etsy to see if he needed anything.  His response was devastating.  He is downstairs in their basement of their home, living there, in safety for him and his family’s life.  His city was crashed, bombed.  They bombed a church right next to where he lives.  He is concerned of course what will happen when this all ends.

More updates to come as this all unfolds.