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We Enrich Lives Along the Way | Wenzel's Wayside

Everyone Deserves a Chance to Succeed

Our Mission is to enrich others to help make a difference in someone’s life
so they can innovate success.

Why Enrich Lives?

We here at Wenzel’s Wayside are all about “enriching lives along the way”. We want to go beyond just ourselves and help others all over the world and in our local communities that are either in extreme poverty/ or need by providing: Quality and equal educational opportunities to children and adults and life-changing resources such as:

  • clean water
  • solar
  • medical aid
  • food
  • education
When we are on our travels or in our local community, we meet people who are in deep need, either: physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually and hope to be an impact in their lives by bringing them hope and a solution.
Our focus, as of right now, is on Education and Teachers.
A child in a 3rd world country, that has a paid education in a private school, where values and teaching have a higher standard than the local governmental institutions, combine that with a microloan, that a child receives upon graduating a secondary school, or college; A student can buy a cow, start a business and help their family. As their business grows the benefits ripple beyond the family, to their community improving their neighbor’s lives with jobs, clean water, reduced infant mortality, and a better education. Which in turn combine to reduce poverty and boost the local economy. But it starts with education! And most parents can’t afford to pay for their child’s education.

So this is where Wenzel’s Wayside / Enrich Lives comes in!

There is a school in Mbale, Uganda, that James and I have been supporting for over 15 years. They have only received support from James and I and no other organizations have stepped in to help. It has been a burden on our hearts for all these years and finally, we are going to try to change that! That is why we have started Enrich Lives.  A 501(c)(3) nonprofit.
There are about 150 kids in the school we support called Divine Care Primary School. You can check their facebook page out!

Here are ways you can be involved!

Enrich a Child

By donating $35 a month you provide for a child that can’t afford to go to school.  It’s not a sponsorship, as we don’t want to cause anyone to feel segregated, but it provides for their education, supplies, food, and any other needs that child in the community might have.

Enrich a Teacher

By sponsoring a teacher, you help raise the bar on the quality of teaching. Children can’t learn without someone teaching them. But unfortunately, in 3rd world countries the teaches make about $50 a month, whereas the Ugandan government pays a teacher $100. We want to increase their salary at least by $50 a month so there is a better incentive for them to come work in a private institution where values and educational standards are higher.

Enrich the Community

By sponsoring a project, you help reduce poverty and boost the local economy.

Our Current Community Project Is

Installing Electricity In A Small Village

Electricity doesn’t exist at all in the village where the school is and the female teachers at Divine Care Primary School, all live together in one home, in the local village, close to the school.

At night when they are grading papers from the children, they have to grade them by candlelight.  This, as most of us know, is not good for the eyes and very difficult.

We know, first-hand, how electricity has opened the world to us and we want to open the world to this small community by putting solar on the school and the teachers home.  When we do this the children will be able to have computers which will teach them a new skill and the faculty and staff will also have better opportunities to be equipped in their job.  This will open up so many opportunities for the community.

We have made our pleas to the governement to install electricity in this community, but to no avail, so this is where Enrich Lives comes in!

We want to innovate success and enrich the people around us while we are doing it, so we are installing solar at the school and the home to enable them to have electricity.  We will be working with a Ugandana solar company to help install this by local Ugandans, which will also innovate success as it will provide jobs. We will take a before and after video in which we will hire a local Ugandan to do this, also providing jobs.

If you want to be a part of this current project we need your help!  James and I can’t do this by ourselves.  If you want to be apart of our “tribe” we would love for you to partner with us!!

The total starting cost of the solar is 11,000,000!  In shillings that is.  Which seems like a lot, BUT it’s only roughly $3,000.00.  So if you want to get involved hit the General Donate button.

I, Kellie, am taking a team to November 2019 and we hoping we will have the project started by then, if you are interested in going on this trip, let me know by filling out the contact form below.

Our Last Community Projects Were

The Shoe that Grows!

Our dear friends Sam and Debby, they are local Ugandans that we have been friends with for over 15 years. They currently live in the Slums of Namatala where he is the local pastor of a church and the headmaster of Divine Care Primary School and Debby (his wife) is the accountant at the school.  She got her degree at the local college in Mbale.

Many of you contributed money for The Shoe That Grows, to put 30 pairs of shoes on kids that needed shoes! And what a blessing that was!! And I will want to continue with this, as many children didn’t get shoes, but I have another project that I want to share with you all, that is more pressing on my heart.

Installing Water and Sewer

When we went to Sam and Debby’s home for dinner, I saw the conditions in which they live in; no toilets, no showers, no sink to clean dishes, so no running water and no sewer.

The good news is they had water and sewer hookups just outside their home! Mbale City has been trying to make improvements to the Slum area.  So James and I raised the funds to bring running water and sewer into Sam and Debby’s home so he and his family can be blessed and be a blessing to those around their neighborhood.

Wenzel’s Wayside is all about enriching the lives of others along the way. This is one act of enriching a family of 5 to be blessed but to also be a blessing to others around them.