Who We Are

Hey, we’re stoked to see you here! We’re James and Kellie Wenzel.
Just an ordinary couple on a journey doing extraordinary things!

There is nothing too special about us, but we are special to each other. We will be celebrating 25 years of marriage in 2020, we work hard every day, at a normal 9-5 job, play hard on the weekends, or whenever we can take a few days off. We have traveled the world finding ways to enrich peoples lives along the way. That’s what Wenzel’s Wayside is all about. Enriching lives along the way.  We even started a Non-Profit in 2018 called Enrich Lives.

A little about each of us

My hubby James is a professional CA. Land Surveyor. (so if you ever need your lot surveyed, you can call him!) And I am currently working at a Commercial Glass Company handling the million dollar contracts. I lead worship on the weekends at a local church we attend and travel doing worship at conferences and women’s events.

We love hiking and camping in our 5th wheel and in fact, once a month for the last 4 years, since we bought our beast, we camp all over the place and we share our videos of our little adventures.

James and Kellie Wenzel of Wenzel's Wayside
Sammy & Sophie Our Toy Poodles

We have two toy poodles, Sammy and Sophie, Sophie is a Red Toy Poodle and Sammy is actually an Apricot Toy Poodle.  They ride in my bike basket, travel and hike all over the place with us in our 5th wheel and at home.   They are great little travelers and you will see them in almost all our adventures!

Sammy and Sophie at Bryce Canyon National Park

We love to hike! We even hike with them in our back-packs when dogs are not allowed on the trail. “Are they walking on the trail?” No! So how can it be illegal??

This picture was taken at Bryce Canyon, people all over the world were taking pictures of Sammy and Sophie, they have become a bit famous!

You can follow them on Instagram #SammyAndSophie

Our great Pyrenees

This is Titus!  For the past 20 years we have always, actually, had Great Pryeneses, (4 of them) he is our last one!  He actually just passed away July 2018 at a ripe old age of 15! We will keep his picture up for a while on the site just for a little bit longer, since was such a long friend and protector!  We love and miss you Titus!

The History of Wenzel’s Wayside

The tradition of Wenzel’s Wayside came from James’ grandfather who had a sign outside his house called Wenzel’s Wayside, this was to represent that their home was open to all and then it followed with James’ dad and now us. We’ve had our sign up for over 20 years and have had many people stay in our home from all over the world. We feel our home is a place of rest and peace, and many people came to seek that.

But we wanted to go further with Wenzel’s Wayside, we wanted that place of rest and peace to go beyond just our home. We wanted to create a legacy of enriching lives along the way. James and I have traveled extensively to other countries seeing ways we can enrich others lives. And now we want you to be a part of this great adventure too!